Here are some photo's of Hustle Dancers from 1978-2005.
Enjoy the trip down memory lane.
(Photo's from the collection of Joyce Szili)


Marvin Thomas & Annette Fillipini
1978 Long John's Landing Nightclub winners

Alain Vital & Joyce Szili
1979 VA State Ballroom Hustle Champions


David Nyce & Kim Oliver
"The Plum"  Nightclub winners

Michael Sauchelli & Annette DiLascio
1979  Maximum's Nightclub winner

                                            Juan Hernandez and Donna Chaudoir
  1978-82 multi-time National and local DC Hustle Champions


The Dance Sensations dance company 1982 performing in concert with Gayle Adams and in the music video "Shake Your Groove Thing" with Peaches & Herb.

Joyce Szili, Alain Vital, "Gayle Adams", Michael Sauchelli & Annette DiLascio

Michael Sauchelli, Keith Hamilton, "Peaches", Alain Vital, Joyce Szili,"Herb", Annette DiLascio & Jeanette Boatwright




 Just Hustle DC 2001-2002
Choreographers:  Arte Philips and Joyce Szili
(Photo by Kermit Dukes)

Rick Barney, Lana May, Sam Habet, Jay Neil & Erika Neil
1st Place winning Team at The 2001 Virginia State Open & IHSC 2002


New Years Eve 2001 Dinner Show in Washington, DC.
Choreographer:  Joyce Szili
(Photo's by Sam Stamoulis)

Andy Selwyn & Joel Halsband
"The Blues Brothers"

Andy Selwyn, Jaime Solano, Sam Habet,
Rick Barney & Joel Halsband

2001 Village People

            Just Hustle DC 2003 "Stars Wars" 
Choreographer:  Joyce Szili
   (Photo by Jay Neil)



                   Halloween In Harrisburg - First Place


     New Years Eve 2003-04 Dinner Show "Dancing Thru The Decades" 
Choreographer:  Joyce Szili
                 (Photo's by Sam Habet)  

           Sam Habet & Rick Barney                           (L to R) Andy Selywn, Sam Habet,
                  "The Gangsters"                                Frank G, Rick Barney & Joel Halsband
          " The 2003 Village People"
                                                                                   Choreographer:  Joyce Szili


                                      Just Hustle "Chatanooga Cho-Cho"
Choreographer:  Joyce Szili
    (Photos by Sam Stamoulis)


Betty Bunch & Gary Cooke, Elaine Lanusse & Frank G,  Tom Ostrome & Heidi Kadel, 
Brian O'Connor & Carol Gray 


Tribute to Van McCoy, September 2nd, 2005 Washington, DC

L to R - Cindy Dupree, Carlos DeJesus, Connie Yesh, Eddie Gooden, Mary Hood & Andy Selwyn
Center Front - Mattie Taylor, President of Van McCoy Music, Inc and Van's Sister
Performers (not pictured) Melba Moore, Jean Carne & Herb Fame (of Peaches & Herb)

National Ballroom Week Dance Show at Springfield Mall, September 24th 2005

L to R:  Gary Cooke, Mary Hood, Tony Nguyen, Shawn Martin, Joel Halsband, Eddie Gooden, 
Allison Taylor and Connie Yesh
Front:  Carlos DeJesus and Joyce Szili (Team Coach & Choreographer)

"Wilkommen" from the Broadway Show Cabaret performed at the USNDC Saturday Night Variety Show 2005
"Feet On Film...Dancing in the movies"

L to R:  Lana May, Denise Miller, Cindy DuPree, Shawn Martin, Robin Grimsby & Anita Strawser.
Choreographer:  Joyce Szili


"Can Can Girls" performing at the USNDC Saturday Night Variety Show 2006
"You're The Top...A Tribute to Cole Porter"

L to R Top:  Connie Yesh, Anita Strawser, Linda Zerden and Shawn Martin
L to R Bottom:  Betty Bunch, Cindy DuPree, Denise Miller and Tracy Davis 
(Choreographer - Joyce Szili.  Photo - Tony Garcia)

Halloween 2006 Team Performance 
From L to R top: Athina Dalamaras, Connie Yesh, Rick Barney & Lana May
L to R bottom:  Mary Hood & Carlo DeJesus
Not Pictured: Brian O'Connor, Carol Grey, Louis LaBoy, Eddie Gooden, 
Joel Halsband & Allison Taylor
(Choreographer Joyce Szili.  Photo - Rick Barney)

          The Santa's & their Happy Hustle Dancing Elves
        Holiday 2006 Team Performance
      From L to R top:  Jim Nanney, Ann Marie Brown, Dale Strawser, Anita Strawser, Connie Yesh, Eddie Gooden, Shawn Martin & Rick Barney
From L to R bottom:  Carlo DeJesus, Mary Hood, Lana May, Carol Grey & Brian O'Connor
(Choreographer Joyce Szili.  Photo - Joyce Szili)

2007 - 2008

Just Hustle DC Dance Team at MADjam 2008
Choreographed and coached by Joyce Szili _________________________________________________________________________


Just Hustle DC Dance Team  - Virginia Group

Just Hustle DC Dance Team - Maryland Group
Just Hustle Dance Team (missing Jim Nanney&AnnMarie Brown)